Why Valentine's Day

Should be for celebrating pets, not people...

Whether you love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day will always come back around. And whilst we are huge fans of artisan chocolate and Michelin star dinners we can’t afford, at Portrait Pals HQ we believe that Valentine’s Day should be about pets, not people.

Your pets really don’t care what you buy them. Your partner, however, usually does. And since nobody likes pre-packaged, prescribed behaviour, why not get them something highly personalised that pays homage to your favourite member of the family?

200208- 1 wrapped gift copy.jpeg

There is no such thing as "unnecessary attention" with pets. Even if they don’t understand the outfit they are wearing or the pose they are striking for our selfies, they just like being around us. We need to treasure our companions! After all, isn’t Valentine’s Day about celebrating someone that likes us for who we are? Fab photo by @TheCotswoldSpaniels

Cats are the ultimate anti-Valentine’s Day companions. Their intimacy avoidance is what makes them so cool. You are your aloof confidant can stick it to this commercial holiday in style. (Don’t forget to get your chocolate fix half-priced after it is over)

200204- intimacy avoidance copy 2.jpg

Pets love us unconditionally, all-year-round. They don’t pull out all the stops one day a year and neither should we. Something we need to learn from them: all love, all the time!

200205 lab- unconditional copy 2.jpg

Your pets don’t need for you to splurge on expensive gifts. Your pets want you to let them roll in the mud and bark at cars – enjoy the simple things in life. Take this day to remind yourself that true love lies within life’s ordinary details. Photo by @TheCotswoldSpaniels

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